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#62 Give first…then Receive

If you want to be happy and prosper… seek to give first.  Give and then receive.

blind spots

#60 Blind Spots

Blind Spots our the areas of our lives that we cannot get to alone.  Here are some powerful tools to leverage them.


The importance of mentorship!

There is no faster way to grow, learn and obtain tremendous success than good mentorship.


#The power of momentum

One of the most powerful tools for massive growth, productivity and success.   Once you have Big Mo,  you are basically unstoppable.

having patience

# 57 Patience, the definition of maturity.

It’s an everything now culture here in North America.  But those who make it have the ability to postpone gratification.  How to cultivate patience is todays topic.


#56 How to be stress free.

We are show you how to become stress free.  We are overwhelmed, afraid and unsure of ourselves these days.  But there are solutions.


#55 Empathy

It can’t be all about you all of the time.  If you really want to be successful – you need to be able to put yourself into the other persons shoes FIRST!  Seek to give and then you will receive.


#54 Know your worth.

How to define your self worth determines compensation and confidence.  Today we discuss how to cultivate healthy personal value.


#53 When having a bad day…

If you are o.k. with having a bad day…are you still having one?


#52 The death of retail?

The writing has been on the wall for a long time,  but there is still a chance to survive and adapt.